Once upon a time there was a Brazilian entrepreneur who did his best, but his employees were unmotivated, they complained about the salary, they served their clients in a precarious way, they tried at all times to give as little as possible because they believed that the company did not recognize them properly.

The entrepreneur did his best to solve two problems, first to make advertisements, hand out pamphlets, invest the last penny to take the customer to the store, but nothing worked, just a visit and that's it! The customer never returned. It's like they say, '' dry ice. '' Secondly, he tried to explain to the employees that he was doing everything he could and knew.

Until the entrepreneur realizes that 88% of consumers' purchasing decisions are taken by the unconscious, and in the scale of importance, in this new era of economy (4.0) good and old enthusiastic service, with bright eyes, passion, love and total willingness to help and solve customer demand makes a total difference, however, this behavior in the labor market has become a rarity today.

Brasilsocial.org® solves this problem for you who are entrepreneurial and are not available to do hundreds of scientific-theoretical and empirical studies for almost a decade interrupts to solve this problem. After all you need to take care of the strategies of your business. Intellectual innovation in getting people to do their best, lets us do it. For this we have one million and two hundred thousand people registered and we apply free collective methodologies for young people in almost every country. We promise that you will be satisfied, and we guarantee that you will be able to break the partnership at no cost at any time if you do not love the work of our brilliant team through the DHBS® Method or the NeuroVarejo® Method, patented and enhanced every day by behavioral researchers specializing in the 21st century job market.


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BRASILSOCIAL.ORG ® In the context of contemporary Neuroscience, Anthropology and Philosophy, job satisfaction is the general attitude of the person and depends on several psychosocial factors. Brasilsocial.org is a disruptive organization for transforming intangible perceptions into solid and structured methodology capable of doubling the performance and productivity of any team in the retail segment. To know more about professional inclusion solutions through the DHBS method or the NeuroVarejo method, send a message.
Brasil Social is an organization, recognized as a public utility activity, which, among several programs, enables young Brazilian students to receive an integral education by entering them into the labor market through professional inclusion programs in private companies of all sizes country, with a differential of being disruptive in its methodologies, guaranteeing the resolution of the most complex problems related to the contemporary labor market. The main objective of the Brasil Social network is to improve the scenario of income generation for young people and at the same time increase the generation of profits for companies through the deep knowledge of the reasons that limit or enhance the assertiveness of the modern human being inserted in the job market. As a result of our purpose we reached a whole social ecosystem to generate. Professional experience guaranteeing better job opportunities. Income for needy families. Opportunity for professional fulfillment after Brazilian Social programs. Reduction of violence due to vulnerable situations. Access to advancement and continuation of studies through the grant aid. Considerable impact on youth unemployment in the national scenario. Generation of promising talents for teams. Any student can register for free. Social Brazil has never charged, does not charge and will never charge any candidate fee.